Posted by: birdsongslaw | June 30, 2008

Dee Dee On the Neilsen Company’s Immigration Flap

As many of you know Birdsong teaches immigration law.  He was once a U.S. Department of State Officer who worked at visa sections in a number of our embassies overseas. Birdsong tries to be objective about the ongoing immigration debate in our country.

But Birdsong has a girlfriend, Dee Dee, who is a “knockout” looker who is a hardliner on the immigration debate.  When Dee Dee learned Birdsong had started a blog she just had to get in on it.  She asked that I put up her latest rant on immigration. What can I say…she is my girlfriend? See whether you agree or disagree.

Dee Dee wrote the following to me last night:


I’ve been listening to Lou Dobbs’ CNN program this week.  The story that shocked me is the one about Nielsen, the company who researches the rate of national viewership of television programs and provides the data to potential advertisers who might wish to advertise on television. The company has been in business about 50 years now. The company is downsizing and will lose about 7 percent of its permanent U.S. work force.


It has been recently revealed that Nielsen is transporting foreigners to temporary work in its U.S. office in Oldsmar, Florida in order to replace the loss of permanent American workers. These “temporary” workers will be provided by a manpower placement company from India! How does Nielson bypass American workers?  It uses the federal H-1B visa program that allows employers to search for workers outside the country when there are no Americans who are qualified for the jobs.  By law the H-1B visas are issued to professionals with college degrees for temporary work in the U.S.


Nielsen, after receiving a ton of bad press for these tactics, has announced that it will forgo tax incentives it has enjoyed for 4 years by the city of Oldsmar because of the loss of the permanent U.S. workers. How arrogant! What about agreeing to hire Americans for all their positions whether temporary or permanent and discontinuing bringing foreigners to work in Florida.  To appease the Oldsmar elected officials, they answered that at least 1300 jobs would remain in the U.S.  How disingenuous! Note that they didn’t say how many of those jobs will be filled by American citizens! Senator Martinez and Nelson didn’t return CNN’s phone calls about this development.  Maybe Nielsen and all the other arrogant companies like them should be treated as a foreign company if 90% of their employees are not American citizens.


Do you know of any other companies in this country that are using foreign employment placement agencies to fill jobs in America?  Shouldn’t we share our anger with our US senators and congress persons?  How about our state officials?


Birdsong with you again – That’s all she wrote!




  1. Do you know of any other companies in this country that are using foreign employment placement agencies to fill jobs in America?

    Ha! Dee Dee, this crap has been going on for years, aided and abetted by your friendly neighborhood Congress, which allows Indian outsourcing companies access to the visa system to the tune of thousands of visas per year. (Senator Clinton being one of the worst abettors, and Senators Obama and McCain on board as well.) I recall IBM forcing its workers to train their foreign replacements, and recently I’ve come across reports of Lexis/Nexis (Elsevier) loading up its offices with visa holders. (As the usual prelude to offshoring, I presume.) Let’s see – EDS, Siemens, GM (and the rest of the Big 3, iirc). Hmm, Dell? Intel? Microsoft? You name ’em, they’re probably doing it. H-1B and L-1 are the biggest labor scams going. Congress listens to sweet nothings about non-existent “skills shortages” from lobbyists while said lobbyists line their campaign coffers. Companies sack and won’t hire Americans, thus making careers in IT and CS unviable for American students (thus helping to destroy American competence in IT/CS). I guess you could share your rage with your representatives, but the guys who want to keep the gravy train going have a lot more money for greasing Congress than you do.

    (Actually, there are some good guys in Congress on this issue. There are sources on line to help you find out how yours rate.)

  2. […] Rohan Swee, for your response to my earlier Nielsen posting.  You sure called this one!  He reported to me that Lexis/Nexis hired load of foreigners who […]

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