Posted by: birdsongslaw | August 5, 2008

Illegal Immigration Decline?

Birdsong has learned from a report in the New York Post that there has been an 11% decline in the number of illegal immigrants in the United States from last August, 2007.  Last August there were allegedly 12.5 million illegal immigrants in the country.  This August there are only 11.2 million. These statistics are provided from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Supposedly, workplace raids and deportations over the last year have led to the decline.

Birdsong believes that the general decline in our economy and the lack of building construction jobs may well be a greater reason that there is such a decline…if there is such a decline.

Birdsong would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Please advise.



  1. I think you’re right Birdsong – decline in the economy – especially building – has definitely had an impact on number of immigrants in Britain and Ireland.
    Whether it’s permanent is another matter…

  2. Thank you for your support of my fledgling blog.


  3. You may be correct about the economic impact on illegals. I wonder, though, if the increased enforcement by ICE plays a role here too. The other day the Chicago Tribune had an article about immediate dismissal for illegals. They waive their hearing, are deported, and can only return under special circumstances.

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