Posted by: birdsongslaw | September 17, 2008

Birdsong Estate/ A Crime and Punishment Recap

Now that we have finished  our discussions on crime and punishment Birdsong’s Criminal Law students might wish to view this crime and punishment video recap.  These are Birdsong’s musings videotaped one weekend while he visited the “Birdsong Estate.”



  1. Very nice to meet you Professor Birdsong! I enjoyed your video. You’ve reminded me of one of my father’s favourite crime and punishment questions:
    Do we send people to prison ‘as’ punishment or ‘for’ punishment?

  2. Professor Birdsong,

    I posted a video on my site (click website link) that you might find of interest. It was first introduced at the ISIL (International Society for Individual Liberty) World Conference in Costa Rica.

  3. I definitely have to agree with you on our having way too many people incarcerated. Prison for the vast majority does not rehabilitate, it exacerbates their issues.

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