Posted by: birdsongslaw | February 10, 2009

Birdsong On The First Obama Press Conference

Birdsong is sitting here in his office this afternoon before class trying to collect his thoughts  for his lecture.  However, his mind keeps wandering back to last night’s press conference conducted by President Obama.  It was our new President’s first press conference and as far as Birdsong is concerned, the “Prez” hit a home run!

Now, Birdsong knows little of economics or the policies of what might stimulate the economy.  As a matter of fact, Birdsong prays that the stimulus package that Obama is promoting will work and  get this country’s economy back  on track.

This post is not a debate about the pros or cons of the proposed legislation.  All Birdsong really wants to say is how proud he was to sit before his television set yesterday evening and see a strong looking, determined leader who is intelligent and and open with the press and the country.  When Birdsong realized that Obama was actually speaking to the entire world I was even more proud (prouder?).  And, he was a dignified man of color.

Many want to see Obama fail as a President.  Birdsong is betting that the majority of this country will not let him fail because Obama offers us the type of leadership the United States has needed for a long time.

— Think about it.




  1. It’s not just America that is happy that America now has a leader worthy of it.

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