Posted by: birdsongslaw | September 24, 2009

Weird Criminal Law Stories 88

Laguna Niguel, CA: They say that the pants were down but so was the size of the crowd at a cheeky Southern California event.  Only 400 people showed up  for the annual Moon Over Amtrak Fest in Laguna Niguel, where people line up to moon passing trains.  Last year, about 8,000 showed up, forcing deputies to shut it down because of traffic jams and drinking.

Drinking and mooning — a bad combination!

Saginaw, MI: A parolee who robbed a Michigan bank was caught when he tried to hitch a ride from an undercover police detective, police said.  Mark White  flagged down Saginaw detective Scott Jackson after the bank robbery a few blocks away, say police.  White had been paroled 30 day earlier after serving time for a DUI.

Idiot! Perhaps, he missed the prison food…or the prison sex?

Willow Street, PA:  A Willow Street teenager had the bright idea to toss eggs at a police cruiser with a cop sitting in its.  The youth was arrested on “felonious idiocy” charges.  The police say he will not fry for his crime.

Right, but we do know that the kid has egg on his face, ha, hah,  ha!

Denver, CO: Said donation was the height of bad will!  Workers at a Denver Goodwill store were stunned to find a Vietnam era Claymore land mine in a charity box.  the bomb squad evacuated an adjoining shopping mall and painstakingly removed the device.


Duluth, MN:  Talk about a deflation fetish.  Police are  searching for a Duluth man who gets turned on by slashing big rubber exercise balls at gyms.  The 31 year old man who is well known to law enforcement was caught on tape cutting 70 rubber balls.  He has been arrested for this before and told cops he lusts after inflatable devices.

What a weirdo…


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