Birdsong is a law professor who teaches at Barry University Law School in Orlando, Florida.  He specializes in Criminal Law and Immigration Law.  Since January of 2009 he is also a lecturer on Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure for the BAR/BRI bar preparation company.

Professor Birdsong has done on air radio and television commentary for Fox News, CNN and BET and is available for radio and television interviews concerning ongoing criminal trials and our country’s ongoing immigration debate.  Birdsong is also available to consult on immigration and criminal law matters. Birdsong has been very involved in law school admission matters at Barry Law over the last ten years and is available to consult with college and student organizations who have students interested in being admitted to law school. On April 1, 2009, Professor Birdsong was promoted to the position of Associate Dean of Administration of the Barry University School of Law.

Finally, Birdsong is an inspirational speaker and motivator for those interested in law and life.  As such, he is often available for speaking engagements or Master of Ceremonies duties.

Birdsong may be reached at



  1. Professor Leonard Birdsong’s extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney, department of justice attorney, Foreign Service officer, and law professor has made him an invaluable asset to national media outlets across the country, to include multiple television and radio show appearances. His distinct perspective and experience makes him an engaging personality on air and greatly enhances the viewers and listeners understanding and interest in a wide range of legal topics and cases.

  2. Your opinion please: What do you think about starting law school at 51 years old?

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