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Weird Criminal Law Stories 81

Chicago,IL: Thieves snatch man’s legs!  Wilbert Weeks was 4 years old when he lost both his legs as a result of severe burns.  In mid July 2009, the 66 year old  Chicago resident lost his legs a second time — at the hands of two teenage thieves who broke in to his home while he watched the Discovery Channel, pistol whipped him and stole his prosthetic legs and an identification card.  “They hit me in the head with a pistol, snatched my legs and ran out,” he told Chicago police.  The thieves got away, but Weeks’ legs were recovered, undamaged in an alley near his house.  He suffered a minor bruise and needed no medical treatment.

Talk about despicable conduct…stealing a man’s legs!  Who could have the thieves sold them to?  Weeks, maybe?

Mays Landing, NJ: A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to stealing 91 lobster tails from an Atlantic City casino’s kitchen by cramming them into his Read More…

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Krystal Birdsong’s Writings 16

In an effort to keep memories of Krystal Birdsong alive, Birdsong has taken to posting some of the writings found  in her journals.  Some of her writing was real heavy.  The following piece is not heavy — it’s breezy.  This was a fashion piece she was writing for the Barry U newspaper.

Fall Fashion  2005

This fall’s fashion trends and themes are so plentiful and rich that there really is something for everyone.  From dark, gothic styles to a bohemian look with a twist to masculine chic, and a revamping of the 70’s this fall fashion is a free for all.

Here’s how to get the looks:


Black is back and darker then ever before.  The key this time around is femininity and shape, with emphasis on the Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 80

Gainesville, GA: Some politicians really do go to the Appalachian Trail to hike, but it still gets them in trouble.  The ex-mayor of Gainesville was arrested for sitting nude at a park campsite with a woman not far from the famous hiking trail, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported June 27, 2009.  When confronted, Mark Musselwhite, beer in hand, insisted he wasn’t also the same naked man spotted earlier walking along the road.

Must have been hot out, huh?

Allentown, PA:  You might be a “redneck” if…..:  Charles Brinker of Allentown was sentenced to 18 months probation after driving his lawn tractor into his house and threatening to tear  the down.  Why?  Read More…

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Twitter Alert!

Twitter is online crooks’ new tool according to a recent news report.

Cybercriminals are rapidly using Twitter — the popular Web-messaging service — to direct users to Web sites that sell pornography and fake drugs and trigger promotions for fake anti-virus subscriptions.  Anyone can sign up anonymously for a Twitter account and begin pushing unfiltered messages.

Another problem: Twitter’s intensive use of shortened web links, or Url’s which let you point to Web pages in short messages.  That has made it easy for cyercrooks to spread infectious URL’s that can give an attacker control of your PC.

Gannet News Services

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 79

Oswegatchie, NY:  Here’s a stinker!  A trucker hauling a load of manure went off the road in this upstate New york town after a wild turkey flew into the cab through the open window.  the truck rolled over in a ditch spilling its stinky load.  the driver wasn’t injured and the turkey escaped unharmed.  The driver was ticketed.


Deltona, FL: Eshon Hardy, 18, and Theodor Walker III, 20, were walking down a Deltona street at 4 am on a recent Monday morning when they were stopped by Sheriff’s Deputy Austin Littlejohn.  They told the deputy that they were walking home from a friend’s house, but could not remember the name of the friend.  the duo asked the deputy for a ride home.  They told Littlejohn that they were aspiring rappers, and while doing a dance for the deputy, Walker Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 78

Vancouver, B.C.: A fast nude got himself some fast food.  Police in Vancouver are on the lookout for a thief who snatched a customer’s order of french fries while running naked past a Wendy’s drive-through window.  Stunned employees, apparently looking elsewhere did not see his face.

What other part of his anatomy could they have been staring at?

 Chicago, IL: A Chicago man was busted for robbing a bank after he tried to deposit some of the dye-stained cash Read More…

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Krystal Birdsong’s Writings 15

We all loved  my daughter Krystal Birdsong who passed away in September 2008.  In her memory Birdsong has been posting some of the things she wrote over the years.  Krystal was a wonderful writer.  Here’s a short piece we found in one of her journals.  She wrote the following in 1999, when she was the fashion writer for her high school newspaper in Maryland.

Fashion Tip For November

 This month there is a certain item of clothing that has been catching my eye.  Turtlenecks.  Luckily, they’re Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 77

Birdsong continues to bring you those wacky and weird criminal law stories you all enjoy so much.

Oklahoma City, OK: She’s all that  — and a bag of chips.  An Oklahoma City street walker offered her services in exchange for a bag of Frito-Lay chips after  a john said he had no money.  Unfortunately for them, a police cruiser drove by as there doing the “do”  in a car.  Lahoma Sue Smith, 36, has several prostitution busts.  Police let the man go.

My God…how hungry was this woman — a bag of chips!

Taipei, Taiwan: A man just released from jail for swiping shoes immediately walked into a store and stole a box of Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 76

Oviedo, FL:  Thieves in Oviedo have a thing for women’s wear.  A man was spotted stealing $2,000 worth of bras and panties from an Oviedo Victoria’s Secret, just days before a different man went into a Macy’s and stole  a number of designer dresses worth $2,600.

I bet they were actually working together.  One got the underwear and the other the outer wear! Yuk….

Lawrence, MA: A Massachusetts defense lawyer faces assault charges after a female attorney said he gave her a bear-hug in court.  Pamela Saia-Rogers, 39, told Lawrence police that lawyer Robert LeBlanc, 64, hugged her from behind Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 75

Portsmouth, NH: A New Hampshire teenager was wrestled to the ground, held in a headlock and jailed on $10,000 bail for allegedly shoplifting Cheez Whiz.  Kyle Ware, 18, of Portsmouth, allegedly tried to sneak off with the cheesy snack by putting it in his pants and sneaking out of a supermarket.

Yes, yes, we  know….he shouldn’t have taken a “Whiz” in the supermarket!

Washington State: This coach taught his players more than stealing bases.  A Little League coach in Washington has been accused of using some of his players to help him in a break-in.  George Spady Jr. allegedly Read More…

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