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Krystal Birdsong’s Writings 14

In May 2006, Birdsong’s daughter drafted an article for the Barry University newspaper about one of her passions — the need to end human trafficking and modern day slavery.  We found it among her personal effects after her death.  We wanted to share some of what she wrote with the wider world:

Human Trafficking Awareness at BU

Barry’s 3rd Annual Anti-Slavery Day was quite a success.  The presentation room was full to capacity with faculty, staff, and students.  Most of the students appeared to be to be at the lecture to fulfill a class requirement, but they walked away with much more Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 74

Birdsong brings you more weird criminal law stories.  Where do they get some of these folks!

Plover, WI:  DWI and DWP — driving without pants.  A woman in Wisconsin crashed into a ditch after her pickup truck — with her pants hanging out the window to dry — veered off a highway.  Jessica Jackson 29, had been chatting on her cellphone when she wrecked her truck outside the town of Plover.  Police said she blew more than double the limit on the breathalyzer.

Talk about hung out to dry….

Nevada: A legal bordello in Nevada has announced it has hired male prostitutes to broaden its business.  One problem is that although state law allows guys as well as gals to ply Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 73

Manhattan, NY: Dawud Yadullah, a former convict, has filed suit in in federal court against an upstate New York prison nurse.  Allegedly, the nurse, Judith Lovelace, sent him back to his cell after medication side effects gave him a erection that would not go away. Yadullah says he suffered a painful erection for 55 hours before finally getting hospital treatment to relieve the problem in his pants. Yadullah, 43, claims nurse Lovelace’s diagnostic foul-up left him “irreparably injured” with “severe damage to his penis, including erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate and pain during intercourse.”  The Manhattan Federal court suit does not specify damages but demands “stiff” punishment for Lovelace’s “cruel and uncivilized conduct.”

This certainly gives new meaning to “doing hard time.”

Warren, MI: The fur was flying near Detroit when police used a stun gun — on  a large stuffed cat.  A 911 caller caller in Warren reported seeing a 150 pound cougar in a drain pipe.  Cops thought they, too, saw a big cat and zapped it — only to learn it was a toy.

All of these folks need new glasses.

Bexar County, TX: Courtrooms can be such a drag some say.  A Texas defense attorney was busted in a hall of justice for allegedly carrying  marijuana and a pipe Read More…

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Weird Criminal law Stories 72

Portsmouth, NH: Police in Portsmouth had no trouble identifying this assault suspect — they had arrested  Paul Baldwin 152 time before.  The 49 year old career criminal has a record dating back to 1984.  His most recent bust came just days after he had completed a one year prison sentence for one of his previous crimes.


Doylestown, PA:  As the jury deliberated in Timothy Zalut’s assault case, the marriage minded defendant asked the judge to join him and his girlfriend in marriage.  Zalut, 31 and Hayley Dykstra, 20, tied the knot, Read More…

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Krystal Birdsong’s Writings 13

Birdsong’s daughter Krystal was a very good writer.  After her death in September 2008, we found her journals where she posted writings of her thoughts, songs she wrote, musings, and drafts of articles she wrote for the Barry University  newspaper.  Here is part of one  the articles she  wrote for the newspaper in October 2005.

The Circumcision Debate

Many students here at Barry are of the age when thoughts of the future begin to creep in.  Beginning potential careers, buying new cars/houses, starting a family, and possibly having children begin to figure into these plans.

For those of you considering having  children, have you decided whether or not to get your future sons circumcised?  the issue might  have never popped into your mind, but this is a huge question that has sparked much debate within families as well as the world of social science today.

in the 1960’s the rate of male circumcision in the U.S. was about 95%.  Today it is around 60%  What has sparked this dramatic decrease?  paradigm shifts Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 71

Waterbury, CN: A female employee at at a Connecticut police academy got just what she asked for.  License and Applications analyst Rochelle Wyler got annoyed when a fellow worker, ex-Waterbury Police Captain Francis Woodruff, called her a “clerk,”  She responded, “Bite me!”  He did, police said.  On her arm.  He was charged with disorderly conduct.


South Carolina:  Recently a  funeral director in this state  was stripped of his license after he came up with the creepiest solution to an unusual situation — a corpse too big to fit in the coffin.  Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 70


Date Line: June 3, 2009

Shirley, NY: A masked robber waving a baseball bat entered the Long Island convenience store of Mohammad Sohail and demanded money stating, “Give me your money, give me your money.”  Instead of giving the thief money Sohail told the man the money was behind the counter.  Once behind the counter Sohail pulled out his 9 mm rifle and demanded that the thief drop his bat and kneel on the ground.  Not knowing the rifle was unloaded the thief fell to his knees and began sobbing crying out:  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  I  have no job.  I have no food.  My family is hungry.”  Feeling sorry for the man Sohail, a 47- year old immigrant from Pakistan asked the thief to promise he would never rob anyone again.  Sohail then went to the cash register and gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread.  He then went to get him a carton of milk.  By the time he returned the thief had left the store.  He took his baseball bat with him.

Date Line: June 4, 2009

Shirley, NY: Yes, kindness brings further kindness.   Upon hearing of  the Long Island convenience store owner who gave a would be robber $40 and a loaf of bread, dozens of well wishers called and visited Mohammad at his Shirley store.  One caller told Sohail he was sending him a check for the $40 he had given to the robber.  The day before Mohammad, faced with threats of a bat wielding robber, disarmed the man with his 9 mm rifle which he kept in the store.  The rifle was not loaded.  When the robber pleaded he had no money and could not feed his family Sohail gave the man $40 and a loaf of bread.  The story has spread across the world at the speed of the Internet.

Date Line June 5, 2009

Shirley, NY: The convenience owner who became an overnight, worldwide sensation for giving a would be robber money and a loaf of bread has been busted for selling bongs and other smoking paraphernalia. Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law 69

Birdsong brings you a few more funny and weird crim law stories..

Detroit, MI:  As much as everyone dislikes the IRS this is still nasty.  An employee at the tax service’s Detroit office had been urinating in a freight elevator for months causing $4,600 in cleanup costs.  Treasury agents said Michael Hicks did it “because he felt he could get away with it.”  He has been charged with damaging federal property.

Imagine how much more it might’ve cost if he also had decided to poop…

Missouri: A soldier has gotten out of bigamy charges after claiming that he suffered post traumatic stress disorder in Iraq — and forgot that he was married when he got home.  William Rivera got a new bride in Missouri after the war — and his original wife found out about it when she saw a feature story about his second marriage on TV.  Rivera told officials he was so haunted by the war, he thought he had been divorced.  All charges against him were dropped.

Bet his new wife ain’t very happy! Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 68

Knoxville, TN: This just in for the upcoming Father’s Day.  Desmond Hatchett, a 29-year old in Knoxville  has fathered 21 children with 11 women — a probable U.S. record.  The children range in age from newborn to 11.  Hatchett’s extended family came to light recently when authorities took him to court for failing to pay child support.  He said 21 kids are enought, adding, I’m done!”

Gosh..we sure hope so.  What a lot of mouths to feed.

Pennsylvania:  This one is about heavy petting.  A 66 year old Pennsylvania man was arrested after he admitted to his relatives that he was having  a sexual relationship with the family dog.  Robert John Ward — a previously convicted sex offender — was jailed after Police performed a human rape kit exam on the canine to prove that she had been molested!


Vassalboro, ME:  A waitress at a topless doughnut shop in Maine was spotted “in uniform” — meaning out of her shirt — away from the business, authorities said.  A state trooper was sent to the Grand View Topless Coffee Shop in Vassalboro after someone called in a complaint.  No one was charged but the matter  has been turned over to the DA for review.

Sure!  The DA needs to examine the photographic evidence. Read More…

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Weird Criminal Law Stories 67

Birdsong brings you more weird criminal law stories…

Aloha, OR: An Oregon man spent Memorial Day of 2009, in jail after dialing 911 to complain that a McDonald’s worker was rude and did not give him an orange juice he ordered.  Raibin Osman, 20, was arrested for improper use of the emergency telephone number.  Sheriff’s Sgt. David Thompson said Osman ignored deputies who told him the emergency number wasn’t to be used for straightening out fast food orders.  A McDonald’s employee also called 911 during the incident to complain that Osman and the people with him were blocking the drive-thru lane.


Tampa, FL: Police in Tampa arrested a man who was so drunk he  had his 12 year old son drive home.  Unfortunately, Read More…

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